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Industry Standards Demystified – Part 9

Posted by on May 3, 2023 in ATA-TCD News Articles, Industry Standards Demystified

ISO 23155:2022 Interpreting services —Conference interpreting — Requirements and recommendations. By: Monika Popiolek, ATA TCD Newsletter and Blog contributor and ISO/CEN industry standards expert ISO 23155:2022 specifies requirements and recommendations for the provision of conference interpreting services. It is primarily addressed to conference interpreters and conference interpreting service providers (CISPs). It also serves as reference for users of conference interpreting services. Its scope covers basic principles and best practice and the required...

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Letter from Marina Ilari, Administrator of the ATA-TCD

Posted by on Sep 3, 2022 in ATA-TCD News Articles, ATA-TCD News, Issue 10, Summer 2022, Letter from our Administrator

As many of you, I’m looking forward to our next ATA conference in Los Angeles this year. The TCD has invited Iti Sahai as its distinguished speaker. Ms. Sahai will be presenting two 60-minute presentations titled “Leadership and Excellence” and “Product lifecycle and localization.” In this issue of our newsletter, we have interviewed Ms. Sahai so that you can learn more about her and her anticipated presentations. I would like to thank our newly appointed assistant administrator, Charo Welle, and the dedicated leadership council for all their work with TCD. It’s important to make mention...

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Interview with Distinguished Speaker Iti Sahai

Posted by on Sep 3, 2022 in ATA-TCD News Articles, ATA-TCD News, Issue 10, Summer 2022, TCD Distinguished Speaker Series

We are very excited about your presentations at the ATA conference. Will you tell us more about your experience in the translation and localization industry? I’m equally excited to be a part of this year’s ATA conference in Los Angeles. It’s a huge honor and I am grateful for the opportunity! I’ve been a part of the localization industry for over 15 years. I started out my career in film and television and that’s where I got introduced to adapting the content for the region where we were distributing these films and TV shows. After this initial experience I was very intrigued by localization and...

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Five Suggestions for Managing Company Culture in a Multicultural Industry

Posted by on Sep 3, 2022 in ATA-TCD News Articles, ATA-TCD News, Issue 10, Summer 2022

By Tucker Johnson As any organization grows, it necessarily evolves. What works for a 3-person company will not work for a 10-person company, and certainly not for a 50-person company. This applies to process, policies, structure, people, and expectations… In a word, it applies to company culture. The language services industry is perhaps the most culturally diverse place to work in the world. Virtually every culture, background, religion, nationality, orientation, and race is represented at least at some level. While this brings many benefits to our industry, it also creates an...

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Tricks of the Trade for Successful Project Management: An Interview with Diana Rhudick

Posted by on Sep 3, 2022 in ATA-TCD News Articles, ATA-TCD News, Issue 10, Summer 2022, Women in Translation

Diana Rhudick is a 30-year veteran of the translation industry, specializing in business, legal, and marketing texts. She is ATA-certified from French into English and Spanish into English, and holds a master’s degree in translation from the Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey. Currently, she divides her time between her freelance work and project management for a boutique translation company. She also currently serves as president and co-webmaster of the New England Translators Association. Introduction The global pandemic on the world economy has led to...

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