Welcome to the ATA TCD

Welcome to the
Translation Company Division of the
American Translators Association

The Translation Company Division (TCD) is the home within the ATA for members who share a common interest in the management and operation of a translation company.

The ATA-TCD offers a venue for members to network, to learn the skills to grow their translation and interpreting businesses, and to exchange ideas that foster cooperation among members.

Growing from a freelance translator into the owner of a language company is an amazing journey. Many ATA members share or have realized that dream of growing their own companies. This common vision – plus our fundamental interdependence – should bring greater understanding and cooperation between the two facets of our industry: individual translators or interpreters and LSPs (or agencies).

Because the ATA Translation Company Division encompasses both sides of this divide, the ATA-TCD is in the perfect position to foster understanding and mutual respect and training for individuals and for emerging LSPs.

Meet the ATA-TCD team

The Leadership Council

Charo Welle
American Translators Association Translation Company Division Leadership Council Member Marina Ilari
Marina Ilari
Council Member
Camila Saunier
Council Member
TCD LC Cynthia Penovi
Cynthia Penovi
Council Member
Grace Isaía
Council Member
American Translators Association Translation Company Division Assistant Administrator Alaina Brandt
Alaina Brandt
Council Member
Aniella Vivenzio
Council Member
TCD LC Ray Valido
Ray Valido
Assistant Administrator
TCD LC Monika Popiolek
Monika Popiołek
Council Member
TCD-LC Afaf Steiert
Afaf Steiert
Council Member
TCD LC Paula Penovi
Paula Penovi
Council Member
TCD LC Gloria Cabrejos
Gloria Cabrejos
Council Member
LC Thu Maulden
Thu Maulden
Council Member
Karla Sopher
Council Member

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