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CSA Research on Industry Impact of COVID-19

Posted by on Apr 20, 2020 in Blog

CSA Research on Industry Impact of COVID-19 The ATA-TCD interviewed CSA Research on April 20, 2020 on the industry impact of COVID-19. The responses below are based on the primary and secondary research data and analyst insights of CSA Research at the time of submission. As the market is rapidly evolving, please refer to CSA Research’s COVID-19 Resources page for ongoing updates. What impact do you foresee that COVID-19 will have in our industry? CSA Research’s industry surveys show that demand and spend are mainly down or flat. Across the language sector, 87% of employees are now working remotely, up substantially at many companies. Hiring, raises, travel, and in-person events are a thing of the past. At this point, we find that the pandemic’s effect on demand and spending for language services is severe. Beyond the slowdown in demand for their services and universal uncertainty about what happens next, CEOs are concerned about keeping their teams intact so when the COVID-19 pandemic is over, they will still have their most important resources in place (“COVID-19 LSP Survey Data – Overall Results”). We also found that companies on both the supply and demand side of the language sector are cutting non-essential costs, while buy-side companies anticipate budget cuts for language...

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