Get involved

I’m a member of the ATA-TCD. How do I get involved?

Connect with the ATA-TCD’s online community here:

Volunteers wanted!

ATA-TCD is solely supported by volunteer-members. Please get involved:

  • Help moderate our social media channels
  • Write blog articles
  • Present webinars
  • Present conference sessions during the ATA Annual Conference
  • Leadership Council
  • Party planner for the division meeting during the ATA Annual Conference

If you are interested in one of these opportunities and want to learn more, please complete the contact form on our website.

“I truly believe each of us has a unique talent or strength. If we share our experiences with each other, the association and its members will benefit and thrive. This is my opportunity to directly share my experience with an organization that has given me so much. “

– Virginia Anderson, Oregon Translation, BLLC