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Connecting AI Specialists, Linguists, and Project Managers

Posted by on Apr 1, 2020 in Blog

Connecting AI Specialists, Linguists, and Project Managers by Afaf Steiert Computers have shifted from serving the sole purpose of word processing and simple computation on top of our desks to fitting into our pockets and providing an assortment of tools to the user. The demand for more and more of these tools that expand beyond simple weather widgets resulted in the inception of a highly organic applications market that retains a relatively low barrier of entry. Considering that this demand shows no sign of slowing as smart phones surpassed desktop computers in 2014, and that the market is predicted to experience a 270% increase in 2020, it is in any app developer’s interest to diversify the penetrability of their product into global markets (Safi, 2017; Takahashi, 2016). Translators have often come to me to express their discontent with projects that are related to mobile apps since there is a disconnect between what an LSP can do and what an app developer demands for their project. Creating a clear and defined scope of the viability of the success of a project and utilizing a translation management system (TMS) that the client can also be involved with will greatly assist in reducing wasted time and money for all parties involved. To...

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