The Administrator, Virginia Anderson

The Administrator, Virginia Anderson

Virginia Anderson, Administrator

Partner | Oregon Translation

Virginia Anderson founded Oregon Translation in 1996. In addition to her native English, she is fluent in French and Spanish. Following her passion for languages and her foresight of global business trends, she recognized that translation would play a huge part in the future of business and set out to become part of that future.

Anderson’s experience includes work as entrepreneur, translator, localization project manager, cultural consultant, and bilingual copywriter. Her education includes a university degree in French and Spanish, plus special certificates from studies in France and Costa Rica. Today, she oversees a company offering clients traditional translation services as well as many complementary options for maximizing your practical use of language to grow your own business. She has recently added a full recording studio for digital media. She has been designated an Official Translator by Consulate of France and Spain.

Virginia Anderson is highly accredited and well respected in the translation industry. Her vision and leadership founded and led the Associated Linguists of Oregon from 2002-2009. She also currently holds the elected position of Administrator, Translation Company Division of the American Translators Association.

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