ATA61 Remote Conference: Training for Translation Companies

Published on 20.01.2021

In 2020, ATA made a historic move by shifting our annual conference to a remote event in response to the pandemic. Planning for the next annual conference is underway. While we hope that conference will be in person, we are also appreciative of the extended access to high quality training afforded by the remote conference option.

If you attended the remote conference, you can still take advantage of your registration to access session recordings until April or May. Please find below over 25 sessions from the ATA61 Virtual Conference that are related to translation company operations – that’s over 25 hours of training and our list is by no means exhaustive! Check out these recordings – and even more high quality sessions related to translation in a myriad of languages and specializations – to start another year of localization services and training on the right foot… With professional training and continuing education.

Business of Translation & Localization

  • 075 – Measuring Value: Helping Clients Turn Content into Business Assets by Katherine Brown-Hoekstra – Katherine was the Distinguished Speaker of the TCD. View this great session to learn how to add even greater value to your client partnerships.
  • 086 – Pulling Localization Upstream: Integrating Content and Localization Processes by TCD DS Katherine Brown-Hoekstra – Attending this session is a no brainer for all of us who understand that localization should be planned for well before content is actually ready for translation.
  • Session 123 – Client Acquisition Strategies for Language Professionals (Research Study Results) by Virginia Katsimpiri – Join this session if you would like 50 ideas about how to obtain new clients for some inspiration!
  • Session 055 – Pricing Strategies in a Service Industry by Daniel Sebesta – Learn alternative pricing models to cost-driven pricing in this session about the bottom line of businesses.
  • Session 114 – Highchairs in the Home Office: Working with Kids in the House by Danielle Maxson – This timely presentation gives strategies for all those supershero parents who are caring for and educating their children on top of providing top notch quality translation work – shout out especially to moms!
  • Session 038 – Future-Proofing Your Business and Career by Renato Beninatto – Check out this session to learn career and business strategies right from the CEO of Nimdzi Insights.

Localization Industry Trends

  • Sessions 011 and 021 – Issues and Challenges Facing the Language and Translation Industry, Parts I & II by Said Shiyab and Abdulaziz Aldhohayan – These sessions offer big picture considerations that contribute to informed decision making on business strategy.
  • Session 046 – Data-Driven Pricing: Toward a Sustainable Business Model in the Age of Neural Machine Translation – Another hot button topic… In this session, Marciano presents an alternative pricing model for NMT.
  • Session 058 – Corporate Social What? Introduction to Corporate Social Responsibility and How It’s Usually (Mis)interpreted in the Post-Soviet States by Veronika Demichelis – This great session gives you strategies for taking your corporate values from lip service to an actionable aspect of your company culture.
  • Session 006 – Cybersecurity by Monique Longton – This session offers tips for improved data security in an increasingly digital world.
  • 084 – Advocacy 101 for Independent Contractors: It’s Pretty Easy by Lorena Ortiz Schneider – This session by Schneider, founder of CoPTIC, the organization that advocated for the recognition of the professional status of translators and interpreters in California legislation is not to be missed given that similar national legislation is looming.

Processes, Automation & AI

  • Session 031 – Plain Language Strategies for Successful Communication by Romina Marazzato Sparano – This important and informative session gives key strategies for writing content for translation, that is, without the inconsistencies and ambiguities that slow localization processes.
  • Session 066 – New Client, New Terms: Glossary 101 by Karl Pfeiffer – Consistent terminology use is at the core of quality localization services. Learn the basics of compiling glossaries in this great session.
  • Session 083 – Getting Started with Terminology Management by Alaina Brandt – Learn about a full terminology workflow, from specifications to termbase entries, in this session.
  • Session 095 – PDFs, OCR and Formatting, Oh My! Dealing with Flat PDFs Quickly and Efficiently – This highly acclaimed session gives tips and tricks for processing a most difficult file type… the dead, or uneditable PDF!
  • Session 130 – Automating Translation Tasks: AutoHotKeys for Non-Programmers by Nora Díaz – This very popular and useful session addresses a hot topic within localization: automation.

CAT Tools & Specialization Specific Training

  • Session 032 – Audiovisual Translation Using SDL Trados Studio by Paul Filkin – A great session for project managers who want to keep up with technological advances intended to make the processing of a complex file type more efficient.
  • Session 049 – The Invisible in Audiovisual Translation by Tiina Kinnunen – This presentation gives a comprehensive look at audiovisual workflows.
  • Session 072 – Game Localization: Models and Process by Carme Mangiron and Deborah Wexler – A great session on a fun and creative specialization within localization: games.
  • Session 082 – Game Localization: Quality Assurance and Technological Developments by Carme Mangiron and Deborah Wexler – Another great session for keeping up with advancements in this fun and creative domain.

Localization Vendor Management

  • Session 020 – Working Together: Finding Harmony in the Language Services Company/Language Services Provider Relationship by Rick Antezana – This solid session reports on strategies for promoting positive, ongoing exchanges among companies and their vendors.
  • Session 026 – Rosters: How Do You Get on Them? How Do You Find Them? By Beth Angel – This great session teaches localization vendor management specific to the role of interpreting.
  • Session 094 – Translation Teams: Collaboration over Competition – Join this session to learn how professional translators approach translation collectives and the benefits to quality of working with collectives.
  • Session 121 – Translation Scams by Carola Berger – Another great session cross listed under data security and localization vendor management. Check this session to raise your awareness of contemporary translation scams.
  • Session 056 – ISO 17100 and Beyond: ISO Standards for Translators and Interpreters by Robin Bonthrone – This session could be cross listed under a number of headers. View this session to have common misconceptions about the important ISO 17100 dispelled.