Leadership Council Member, Susanna Mitton

Leadership Council Member, Susanna Mitton

Susanna Mitton,

TCD Leadership Council Member

Founder & CEO | CoreText Group

Susanna runs CoreText Group, a New York City-based agency that focuses on document translation, interpreting, foreign-language typesetting, and multilingual investigations for clients around the world.

A native of the Netherlands, she started working in the translation industry in 1997.

Previously, Susanna worked for a Japanese media production company, setting up shoots for Japanese networks in the US and Europe, and purchasing radio rights to rock concerts for Japan’s largest FM radio station.

She is bilingual in Dutch and English, holds a Master’s degree in Japanese Language and Culture from Leiden University, and also speaks French, German and some Spanish.

Susanna’s favorite thing is to create ongoing collaborations between her translators and clients.


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