Newbies and Buddies program at ATA Conference

Hello ATA-TCD Members,

I paraphrase Helen Eby when I say ATA-TCD members would be awesome buddies! Perhaps you will meet someone new to join your staff?

Please sign up for the Newbies and Buddies program at ATA Conference.

New to the ATA Conference? Please check this link and sign up for Buddies welcome Newbies:

Experienced conference attendee? Sign up as a Buddy and help a first-timer!

What kind of commitment does it involve?

  1. Come to the “pairing up” session on Wednesday at 5, just before the opening banquet. Not too many things are scarier than walking into a room full of 1500 people and knowing exactly nobody, having no idea what is happening, etc.
  2. Have a meal together. This could be continental breakfast, lunch, whatever.

3. Go to a session together. I believe there are over 150 sessions, so there should be one you are both interested in! By the way, going to sessions that are not on your list might be surprisingly interesting anyway. Those have been some of my favorites!

Yes, I am putting my words to actions: I signed up as a buddy. Don’t you think you could do it too?